Springtomize 3 has support for iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak

Springtomize 3, one of the most popular tweaks available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch’s, starting today is compatible with iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, so it can be installed and allows customization of our iDevice sites after our good love, as it should give us Apple.


According to the list of changes released by developers Springtomize 3, the new version brings support for iOS 9.3.3 not only jailbreak but also to solve a problem with hiding icons in the status bar, resolving a bug regarding the wiggle mode and viewing the problem in the dock landscape mode.


  • Fixes Hiding Statusbar Icons
  • Fixes Bug when it goes into “wiggle” mode when using an animation
  • Fixes the Dock Landscape Issue
  • Supoort for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3

Springtomize 3 is available for download from Cydia by following this link, he initially functioning under a trial license.



Apple Pay was launched in Hong Kong

Less than a day after the launch of Apple Pay in France, here the new system of mobile payments of the Cupertino available including Hong Kong, which is the second Asian country in which it is offered, China starring available for several months, and there appears to have a tremendous success.

During WWDC 2016 Apple announced that it will launch Apple Pay in Hong Kong and behold now the system is officially available, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are processors of payments that allow mobile payments using credit cards or debit cards in Hong Kong at the moment.

In terms of partner banks, Apple Pay in Hong Kong can be activated accounts: Bank of China, DBS Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Hang Seng Bank, but customers need to visit the bank to ask enabled Apple Pay for their account after Why add their credit card in the Wallet application.

The Apple argue that Apple Pay will be available to customers of other banks in Hong Kong in the next period, they adding constant partner banks in all countries where the system is available, so if you happen to live in Hong Kong, will you can enjoy the system even today.

At the moment, Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and both models of iPad Pro, but only the first 4 terminal iPhone no NFC chip to make payments to merchants in other cases the system is useful for Apple services.

Although Apple Pay starts to be expanded including in Europe, yet nobody knows when, or if, the service will be available in Romania.

apple pay

Change Default strings

MyStrings is a new Cydia tweak  aimed to change system default strings on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It can change various lines of text through the GUI and iOS.This requires that the user jailbreak their iDevice to acces it.
MyStrings adds a new section into the settings.app, where you’re able to customize a variety of strings. For instance: Side To Unlock. After you download the application you will be amazed by the many possibilities of the text that can be tweaked. It has also the capability to customize application text, such as Facebook or Twitter, warnings, pop ups, lock screen text and many more. The user has a great control over the lines and text in the GUI of iOS . He or she can specify a fake time stamp on the phone or customize carrier label.
Beside all these features the user also has the opportunity to customize the iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch by using all types of goodies from a category called “Extras”. From this area the user can change  the color of the icons, the wifi, time or change to numerical the battery signal.

A main issue is with iOS 5. Some of the features won’t work due to compatibility. For example, you can not change the status bar time color. Another issue, if can be called an issue, is that it may appear annoying the require to respring after each edit in the settings of MyStrings. But this should not be a problem if you make all the changes in one go rather changing one of a time.
Regarded as a whole, MyStrings is a very solid tweak that allows you to customize the interface of the iPhone. It has many options, very easy to use, and the amount of strings that you’re able to customize is huge. Any serious jailbreaker will want to add this awesome tool to their arsenal of great jailbroken apps.
MyStrings is far more customize then MIM (MakeItMine), easy to use and allows changing on the go. Chenges don’t appear until you respring your iPhone or iPod Touch