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Let’s be honest, we all want the best apps, the latest ones and of course we want them for free which so hard these days.
But fortunately we have free apps brought to you by Cydia. Forget about Installous or Hackulous. AppAddict is the new thing! It’s the improved version of Apptrackr with more great stuff just waiting for you to explore.

Sure we all know about Zeusmos, FunBox and Hipstore but AppAddict deserves more credit.
Here are the steps to having all the free apps you could want:

1. You need a jailbroken Device with Cydia installed no matter what version of iDevice you have. If you don’t have Cydia then check our how to download Cydia .
2.Open Cydia then go to Manage Sources then Edit and add the Source which is .  After adding this source open it and search for AppSync. Find the version that matches with your device (for example AppSync for iOS 5.0) and install it.
3. At this point you should have a jailbroken Device with Cydia and AppSync.To install AppAddict you either go to the AppAddict repo and get the latest version, or you get it from its official website. Go to the  top 10 Cydia tweaks of all time to start getting free apps.

There are also some alternatives to AppAddict like Zeusmos, FunBox ,HipStore Kuaiyong(no jailbreak),Appcake,vShare,PandaApp,IPA Search,IPAStore and IPA Installer Console.
But keep in mind that all the apps above are illegal and are only recommended for trying apps before actually buying them. We strongly recommend deleting the apps after trying them but if you really like an app, by all means, buy it.

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