CARD launched Camp Discovery app for Children with Autism

Autism is a neural development disorder that restricts the level of social interaction and communication of the autistic person. In the case of children suffering from autism, learning also becomes a lot difficult than it is for the others, as the disorder affects the way information is being processed by the brain. For this reason, developers from all over the words came with a variety of applications specially designed to help autistic kids in their learning process.

The Camp Discovery application has been developed by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, also known as CARD, which aims to help children and their parents with information, resources, programs and events. The association founded in 1990 by Doreen Granpeeshes is recognized as an active helper when it comes to autistic children.

Camp Discovery basically teaches kids many new skills by focusing its method on learning through games. Although the application available on iTunes was initially developed to help children with autism, it is also suitable for any other children who can benefit from it. The app is free and comes in English, being rated as a very useful application. Although fairly large, as the file has 57.5 MB, it is worth taking the time to download and install Camp Discovery.

The Camp Discovery app comes with some of the most amazing features, as it follows:

1. Coming with a very user-friendly interface, the app is voice narrated which means there is very little supervision required from an adult.
2. Each trial starts with an assessment that is called a preference assessment; this one assures that every player is part of the adequate team and is a unique one.
3. Both visual and auditory motivation is included every time a player chooses the correct answer which determines to children to continue the learning process.
4. It enables parents, as well as caretakers to actually track the progress of their children through a variety of graphics.
5. The experience of each player can be easily personalized, as parents can customize it using the many settings to choose from.
6. Children’s responses only require dragging and dropping or touching flashcards, which makes it easy for the players to adapt.

We highly recommend the Camp Discovery application for both kids with autism, as well as all other children. Given the positive reviews noticed on the iTunes website and several other websites around the world, it becomes a fact that this app is a must-have when it comes to teaching children basic skills necessary in their early learning process.

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