Change icons shape with Icon Masks

Ok ok, there are lots of icon patches out there that try to capture the same characteristics as the original but some of them are quite dull or irrelevant. Ideaprison came with an interesting tweak. Why not changing the shape or in this case apply a shape mask. The name of this tweak is Icon Masks and it’s free in Cydia.
For this to work, you will need Winterboard. After applying this tweak you will find what you need in Winterboard. But what shapes these masks have? Well there are a lot of shapes like circle, square, triangle, star, oval and many more. But sadly these masks do not apply to folders. For some it’s a huge downside. This tweak has also some settings from where you can configure this tweak.

If you want to make your device look interesting I suggest you should try this tweak in combination with some known themes like Solstice, Zanilla 2 and many more.

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