Springtomize 3 has support for iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak

Springtomize 3, one of the most popular tweaks available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch’s, starting today is compatible with iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, so it can be installed and allows customization of our iDevice sites after our good love, as it should give us Apple.


According to the list of changes released by developers Springtomize 3, the new version brings support for iOS 9.3.3 not only jailbreak but also to solve a problem with hiding icons in the status bar, resolving a bug regarding the wiggle mode and viewing the problem in the dock landscape mode.


  • Fixes Hiding Statusbar Icons
  • Fixes Bug when it goes into “wiggle” mode when using an animation
  • Fixes the Dock Landscape Issue
  • Supoort for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3

Springtomize 3 is available for download from Cydia by following this link, he initially functioning under a trial license.



Apple Pay was launched in Hong Kong

Less than a day after the launch of Apple Pay in France, here the new system of mobile payments of the Cupertino available including Hong Kong, which is the second Asian country in which it is offered, China starring available for several months, and there appears to have a tremendous success.

During WWDC 2016 Apple announced that it will launch Apple Pay in Hong Kong and behold now the system is officially available, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are processors of payments that allow mobile payments using credit cards or debit cards in Hong Kong at the moment.

In terms of partner banks, Apple Pay in Hong Kong can be activated accounts: Bank of China, DBS Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Hang Seng Bank, but customers need to visit the bank to ask enabled Apple Pay for their account after Why add their credit card in the Wallet application.

The Apple argue that Apple Pay will be available to customers of other banks in Hong Kong in the next period, they adding constant partner banks in all countries where the system is available, so if you happen to live in Hong Kong, will you can enjoy the system even today.

At the moment, Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and both models of iPad Pro, but only the first 4 terminal iPhone no NFC chip to make payments to merchants in other cases the system is useful for Apple services.

Although Apple Pay starts to be expanded including in Europe, yet nobody knows when, or if, the service will be available in Romania.

apple pay

iOS 9 Calc Tip

The stock iOS Calculator located on iPhone and iPod touch is an excellent program that enables users to do rapid computations. The program functions as a regular along with a scientific calculator empowering users to do sophisticated computations appropriate on their apparatus.

Little do most people understand is that theres already a backspace function in the Calculator program of iOS which allows one to delete characters to the console.

Although this characteristic has been part of Calculator since iOS 9 most folks, that contains us didnt understand about it. I used to start over if I entered a wrong number, however long the computation was. However, now that I understand relating to this concealed but clear characteristic I could save lots of time plus effort when using Calculator on my iPhone. (Source)

Seeking Calculator program choice? Attempt these: These will be the best Calculator programs for iPad (and iPhone)

AppAddict Download

Let’s be honest, we all want the best apps, the latest ones and of course we want them for free which so hard these days.
But fortunately we have free apps brought to you by Cydia. Forget about Installous or Hackulous. AppAddict is the new thing! It’s the improved version of Apptrackr with more great stuff just waiting for you to explore.

Sure we all know about Zeusmos, FunBox and Hipstore but AppAddict deserves more credit.
Here are the steps to having all the free apps you could want:

1. You need a jailbroken Device with Cydia installed no matter what version of iDevice you have. If you don’t have Cydia then check our how to download Cydia .
2.Open Cydia then go to Manage Sources then Edit and add the Source which is http://appaddict.org/repo .  After adding this source open it and search for AppSync. Find the version that matches with your device (for example AppSync for iOS 5.0) and install it.
3. At this point you should have a jailbroken Device with Cydia and AppSync.To install AppAddict you either go to the AppAddict repo and get the latest version, or you get it from its official website. Go to the  top 10 Cydia tweaks of all time to start getting free apps.

There are also some alternatives to AppAddict like Zeusmos, FunBox ,HipStore Kuaiyong(no jailbreak),Appcake,vShare,PandaApp,IPA Search,IPAStore and IPA Installer Console.
But keep in mind that all the apps above are illegal and are only recommended for trying apps before actually buying them. We strongly recommend deleting the apps after trying them but if you really like an app, by all means, buy it.

See more at icydiablog.com

For more information or questions please leave your comments in the box below.
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Free iCloud Storage

iCloud makes the life of iOS users simpler by backing up all your pictures, files, e-mails along with other data, which means it is still possible to get it even in the event that you lose or alter your apparatus. Another good thing about this cloud service is you will really get to gain access to your data across all of your connected iOS devices. While iCloud is extremely useful it’s one issue which is the 5GB free disk space that Apple offers is inadequate for many users.

In the event that you dont need to update to paid iCloud service which has yearly fees then you will find several methods you can utilize to free up a few of the used iCloud disk space.

Disable Photo Stream and use other back-up services

iCloud photostream

iOS 7 automatically backs up 1000 pictures in your Photo Stream, which could then be obtained on all your iOS devices. iCloud additionally backs up pictures saved in your iPhone or iPad to maintain them safe incase something occurs to your own apparatus. To be able to do this visit Settings > iCloud > Pictures > My Photo Stream and switch off the My Photo Stream toggle.

This is recommended to maintain a back up of your Photographs rather than not having one at all. It is possible to make use of several third party services for example Dropbox and Googleto keep your pictures as well as get them across different devices. Both services are free.

Connected: 5 simple ways to back-up your iPhone pictures online

Delete old copies

Disable programs in back-up

If you’re using iCloud back-up as an alternative to backing up your apparatus in iTunes, you then could save some space by disabling particular programs from backing up. It’s possible for you to disable programs which you dont want a back-up for or those that have their very own cloud back-up create. And from another page disable the toggles for all those programs.

Delete iCloud Back-Ups

iCloud just keeps one back-up for one device at a time and mechanically take cares of duplication. Therefore, if you’d an older iOS apparatus that you no longer use yourself afterward head to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Back-Up > Handle Storage and test under Back-Ups. In the event you see any old back-up then delete it by patting it on and hitting the Delete Copy button from next display.

Delete docs as well as other data

iCloud back-up doctors

iCloud stores back-ups for a lot of your programs. Head to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Back-Up > Handle Storage and under Docs & Information look for such programs. To delete just exploit on an program and from next page wiretap on Edit and then Delete All.

Delete iCloud e-mails

iCloud email storage

In case you’ve got an iCloud or @me e-mail and put it to use on daily basis then you certainly may not have realized that the messages and particularly the attachments can also be counting towards your accessible iCloud disk space. It’s possible for you to free this space by eliminating e-mails which have big attachments or a tons of pictures. Simply open iCloud mail account in your iOS apparatus or iCloud.com web site and begin deleting. This can also allow you to attain the zero inbox standing that a large part people wish for.

If nothing works afterward buying add-on iCloud storage isnt this kind of poor notion, particularly when you’re using a lot more than one iOS apparatus with a single Apple ID.

CARD launched Camp Discovery app for Children with Autism

Autism is a neural development disorder that restricts the level of social interaction and communication of the autistic person. In the case of children suffering from autism, learning also becomes a lot difficult than it is for the others, as the disorder affects the way information is being processed by the brain. For this reason, developers from all over the words came with a variety of applications specially designed to help autistic kids in their learning process.

The Camp Discovery application has been developed by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, also known as CARD, which aims to help children and their parents with information, resources, programs and events. The association founded in 1990 by Doreen Granpeeshes is recognized as an active helper when it comes to autistic children.

Camp Discovery basically teaches kids many new skills by focusing its method on learning through games. Although the application available on iTunes was initially developed to help children with autism, it is also suitable for any other children who can benefit from it. The app is free and comes in English, being rated as a very useful application. Although fairly large, as the file has 57.5 MB, it is worth taking the time to download and install Camp Discovery.

The Camp Discovery app comes with some of the most amazing features, as it follows:

1. Coming with a very user-friendly interface, the app is voice narrated which means there is very little supervision required from an adult.
2. Each trial starts with an assessment that is called a preference assessment; this one assures that every player is part of the adequate team and is a unique one.
3. Both visual and auditory motivation is included every time a player chooses the correct answer which determines to children to continue the learning process.
4. It enables parents, as well as caretakers to actually track the progress of their children through a variety of graphics.
5. The experience of each player can be easily personalized, as parents can customize it using the many settings to choose from.
6. Children’s responses only require dragging and dropping or touching flashcards, which makes it easy for the players to adapt.

We highly recommend the Camp Discovery application for both kids with autism, as well as all other children. Given the positive reviews noticed on the iTunes website and several other websites around the world, it becomes a fact that this app is a must-have when it comes to teaching children basic skills necessary in their early learning process.

Change Default strings

MyStrings is a new Cydia tweak  aimed to change system default strings on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It can change various lines of text through the GUI and iOS.This requires that the user jailbreak their iDevice to acces it.
MyStrings adds a new section into the settings.app, where you’re able to customize a variety of strings. For instance: Side To Unlock. After you download the application you will be amazed by the many possibilities of the text that can be tweaked. It has also the capability to customize application text, such as Facebook or Twitter, warnings, pop ups, lock screen text and many more. The user has a great control over the lines and text in the GUI of iOS . He or she can specify a fake time stamp on the phone or customize carrier label.
Beside all these features the user also has the opportunity to customize the iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch by using all types of goodies from a category called “Extras”. From this area the user can change  the color of the icons, the wifi, time or change to numerical the battery signal.

A main issue is with iOS 5. Some of the features won’t work due to compatibility. For example, you can not change the status bar time color. Another issue, if can be called an issue, is that it may appear annoying the require to respring after each edit in the settings of MyStrings. But this should not be a problem if you make all the changes in one go rather changing one of a time.
Regarded as a whole, MyStrings is a very solid tweak that allows you to customize the interface of the iPhone. It has many options, very easy to use, and the amount of strings that you’re able to customize is huge. Any serious jailbreaker will want to add this awesome tool to their arsenal of great jailbroken apps.
MyStrings is far more customize then MIM (MakeItMine), easy to use and allows changing on the go. Chenges don’t appear until you respring your iPhone or iPod Touch

Change icons shape with Icon Masks

Ok ok, there are lots of icon patches out there that try to capture the same characteristics as the original but some of them are quite dull or irrelevant. Ideaprison came with an interesting tweak. Why not changing the shape or in this case apply a shape mask. The name of this tweak is Icon Masks and it’s free in Cydia.
For this to work, you will need Winterboard. After applying this tweak you will find what you need in Winterboard. But what shapes these masks have? Well there are a lot of shapes like circle, square, triangle, star, oval and many more. But sadly these masks do not apply to folders. For some it’s a huge downside. This tweak has also some settings from where you can configure this tweak.

If you want to make your device look interesting I suggest you should try this tweak in combination with some known themes like Solstice, Zanilla 2 and many more.